Bryan Griffith

Bryan Griffith

Bryan Griffith Squeeze the lemon juice out of 61 elderly woman Mcpherson Kansas!!. My elderly mother had bought a car from mr. Brian Griffith . The deal was that she paid $400 for a Ford Thunderbird $400 upfront they would have keep tags on it and insurance for 30 days until she paid another $400. My elderly mother drove to Salina Kansas with a friend of hers to take her to the doctor. And to let you know at this point the blinkers did not work even after we changed out the fuses. My elderly mom had a small fender-bender which barely damage the other girls car and mind you it did not hurt the Thunderbird at all . When my elderly mother arrived back in McPherson. She got in touch with mr. Brian Griffith to tell him about the fender bender. Small detail my elderly mother look for the insurance information to exchange with the other woman and did not find any in the car. When she did get in contact with Brian Griffith mind you she only had the car for about twenty-seven days at this point if even that. He informed her that the insurance had lapsed. My elderly mother was going to pay the premium if it just lasped by a day so that way she wouldn’t get in trouble for driving the car without insurance and wrecking into the woman. When we went to the insurance company they told her straight up that car has never been insured. So my elderly mother decides that she is going to just pay the girls deductible on our insurance to make this woman happy about the wreck. Which you should know my mom maybe makes $900 a month social security and disability. And the deductible is $500 so she has to write two checks for 250 a piece for the next two months so this girl can pay her deductible so she can get her little Dent fixed in your of yesterday August 18th 2019 we find out that the tag that was on the car did not even belong to the car.but that’s not all right after the day after she had a little fender-bender they came and told her car without her knowledge of private property. I’m sorry but this seems that illegal what do you think?

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