BSC, INC. Auto Sales

BSC, INC. Auto Sales

BSC, INC. Auto Sales Broken Spoke Cycles Take Your Money and sell you LEMONS! Commerce City, Colorado!!. My Brother and sister have both bought a car from here. Neither of them have the best credit, and decided on this place for their buy here, pay here deal. The cars were test driven and after checking through both cars, they seemed fine with a few exceptions. My Brothers car drove well and it seemed there was nothing wrong until a few days later when it started to feel like the transmission was slipping. My sisters car drove great, but after checking the oil and seeing it was dark, she requested an oil change be done, and also informed them on a few items that needed to be fixed such as a cracked head light, a leaky seal on the door, and the thing that holds the hood up. My sister had her car for 2 and a half days and the engine went out! She called the dealership and they told her they would take care of it, it took them 2 days to pick up the car, and over a week to fix it. They waited to tell her it was ready until a payment was due, they refused to give her the car back without her 500 dollar payment first. She paid them and got the car back and a day letter she is having the same exact problem. The week that they had the car “fixing” it, they were very rude to her, she told them she wanted her money back and they told her that they were doing her the favor by fixing it, and if she didnt want to get the car back they would slap her with a repo. As far as my brother, he took the car back to them and they wanted him to continue paying on the car that he only had for a couple weeks before it broke down. He told them hell no, keep the car. This place is horrible, they are selling bad cars to and taking money from hard working people.

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