Buce W. Tarras of Chilliwack

Buce W. Tarras of Chilliwack

Bruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack Formerly From Maple Ridge Stole My Van Chilliwack B.C. Canada!!. Bruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack and formerly from Maple Ridge, B. C. Canada stole my dark green van. The Ridge Meadows R.C.M.P. (one blonde female and a male) informed me of the information when I went downstairs and found the van missing. I then proceeded to telephone the authorities who attended me at my place of residence where I was informed that Bruce Tarras had been in possession of this green van. this was fraudulent sold by him to an Xmas tree farm in Pitt Meadows. i might mention he had already told me he had stolen money and credit cards from a wallet that he found at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, B. C. Canada. He and his younger brother stole the cash and credit credit from the wallet and used it to buy themselves hot dogs and T shirts at the PNE. I might mention Bruce W. Tarras also said he would not let an East Indian person into his house even though “he was professional and nice’ to them (or pretends to be I would suppose) when he goes into their houses to install alarms for the company (ADT0)that he works for. he also said he had to move from maple Ridge “because all the Chinese people were moving in”, the “Irish were slaves too’ and circulated on an online support petition on behalf of one Tommy Robinson (fake name btw). He also sent me a private msg on Facebook with his girlfriend wearing a t shirt with the words “Girlfriend of a proud Irish Man’ on the back. it showed her beside her motorcycle with her back showing so she appear to be personally cooperating in this specific targeting of me (why I do not know as she had already said Bruce her bf was a narcissist, HAD TOLD ME HOW HE LIKED TO WHIP HER ON THE BACK OF HER LEGS with a rolled up dishtowel even when the boyfriend’s mother was in the house. I actually saw him do this to her as well. This was accompanied by what I would describe as maniacal laughter coming from Bruce. Bruce also said the people running the convenience store where he buys his smokes were running a terrorist cell. he then went so far as to say he “listens to Al Jazeera all the time”. Oddly enough if you go back a few relationships ago Bruce’s ex-wife was married to a black person so you would think he would know better. Irish slaves myth – Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org u203a wiki u203a Irish_slaves_myth The Irish slaves myth concerns the use of the term Irish “slaves” as a conflation of the penal …. Irish Times columnist Donald Clarke describes the meme as racist, saying “More … According to The New York Times, the myth is “often politically motivated” and has been used to create “racist barbs” against African-Americans. further information: with surprising resiliency. Such is the case with the myth of “Irish slaves,” an ahistorical reimagining of real events weaponized by racists and conspiracy theorists before the Web and now reaching vast new audiences online. In short, the “Irish slaves” myth argues that the first slaves brought to the Americas were Irish, that they were white, and that this fact, covered up by liberal historians, undermines the legacy of the African slave trade and proves that modern theories of racial inferiority are true. Predictably, this revisionism has attracted ********, White Nationalists, Neo-Confederates, and even Holocaust deniers, while racist trolls have deployed the myth to attack the Black Lives Matter movement. More worrisome, though, is its widespread adoption by principally American Internet users as if it were a point of “Irish pride.”

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