So it was a normal payday where I make very little money in my small town of about only 600 people so I decide to order myself something nice and that my friends would be buddaboxes subscription box. Unfortunatly I fell for the good ratings and for the first few weeks I got emails immediately one even saying that they were delayed due to customs and that the box would be being sent the next day.Now I have called and left countless voicemails and emails and now it’s been at least a month and havnt seen anything. I’m sad to say the company gives itself a bad name by doing this I’d rather be told her we took your money yes it was only around 20 dollars but when you don’t make much money that’s 20 dollars that could’ve went to food for my family instead and now that’s a load of bread that won’t see the table because it’s wasted on being ripped off but whatever I hope this company gets their stuff together because this is ridicolous that I havnt even gotten a message at all or call back. Buddabox if you read this I just want the goods that I paid for please.

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