Budget Car Rentail

Budget Car Rentail

Budget Car Rentail Charged Fees due to Negligence on Budget. Ontario California!!. On September 7, 2014. I Chris Paez rented a vehicle from Budget Car Rental located at the Ontario Airport. I was given a Chevrolet Impala but then switched out to a Black Mazda 5SPT Van. After “inspection” by a budget employee, I took the vehicle off grounds and proceeded to my destination in Las Vegas. I noticed that the tire pressure light was on. I immediately tried to contact Budget Car Rental in Ontario to notify them but no one answered the front desk phones. When I first approached the car rental, no one was there to immediately help me. Employees were in the back fooling around. As I was half way to Las Vegas, there was a blow out in my left rear driver’s side tire. I pulled over and checked my surroundings. I notified roadside assistance and explained to them my situation. They tried contacting Budget Car Rental in Ontario and had no luck either. I spoke to two different agents explaining them my situation. I told them that I declined roadside assistance on my agreement but that I had Triple AAA and if I should use it. I did not want to get charged any fees later on when my Triple AAA could have been used. They were also aware that I denied Roadside Assistance on my agreement. They notified me that I did not need to use it. They stated that this was negligence on their part for not putting air in tires, letting me take it off the lot, for them not being able to get a hold of and that it was also a safety issue taking that I was in the middle of the desert with nowhere to go. It wasn’t safe to even change the spare myself. A tow truck came an hour later to place the spare tire on my car. The rim wasn’t damaged on the car nor was anything else but the tire. It was also a safety issue driving the car with the spare tire to the nearest Budget open in Las Vegas. I drove more miles that allowed for the spare tire but Budget wasn’t concerned with that. I notified them of my safety too driving that far on a spare tire. I finally made it to Las Vegas Budget and was able to switch out the cars for a replacement. On November 17, 2018 – Budget sent out a letter stating that I owe them $263.44 for Service and Repair expenses. I believe this situation is being handled poorly. It was negligence on Budget’s service to take care of me from the beginning of the rental. This fee should be taken away. I have contacted supervisors and no action is being done to help me with this discrepancy. Chris, Ontario, CA.

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