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I have hd a similar experience as several others that have filed a report. To begin with I found this on ebay and it was the type of machine we were looking for. When I looked at the pictures in the advertizment it had the wrong model numbers on it when I pointed that out at first Ernie the salesperson started to argue but soon realized it was true. He said that they have been using this machine around their yard and that it runs great. Their ad said low hours (ya right) The machine has two hour meters and both were disconnected and looked like they have been for a long time. Lots of corrosion on the wire ends ect… When they get a piece of equipment in they first paint the whole machine with little or no perp work. The gauges above the steering wheel had been painted over. One of the differential had water in it. The parking brake was gone. | Bottom line is we were duped. This machine was NOT what they advertized and after all said and done because the payment wasn’t done through ebay we had no recourse on their buyer protection policy. We followed their directions on payment and were duped. Well we learned a hard lesson. I can’t understand how our goverment allows these people to conduct business or should I say stay in business. PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM BUDGET EQUIPMENT

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