Budget Plumbing & Drain

Budget Plumbing & Drain

Budget Plumbing & Drain Mark Budget Plumbing & Drain Charges $168.00 to do inspections, says he is licensed but never produces a license, says he has been a plumber for 15 years, wanted to charge us $1600.00 for a new tub drain connection. Hemet California!!. When we called this company from the internet listing we were told that the estimate would be $160.00 and would be applied to the repair and that he was a licensed plumber. So my husband said ok considering he was licensed. Once this gentleman came to my house and saw it was a manufactured home and had to go under the crawl space (which he new in advance) he said it might be more, he was under the home for about 1/2 hour said the new estimate would be $1600.00. I was in shock, I had all my plumbing replace 18 months prior with a General contractor company that works on mobile homes for $2200.00 for every thing except this particular drain which is the bath tub drain, nothing else was wrong thats all I needed and he wrote in his inspection Cut 1 1/2 abs pipe to remove broken tub drain connection and install 1 1/2 abs swivel trap to fit current configuration and a one year workmanship gauranteed against any leaks at swivel trap . I had my orginal contractor give me a price and it was $800.00 for this repair and he said it was a 4 hour repair at $200.00 per hour. This company BUDGET PLUMBING & DRAIN (HA HA THATS A jOKE) charged us $200.00 for this 1/2 hour inspection. We paid and felt ripped off. We have since had three other quotes all rangging in the price of $250.00 with a free estimate. This man is a rip off . I called him and asked him what he did for the $200.00 and he said a inspection and proceeded to give me and argurment about how he gave us a discount that the price should have been $350.00 cuz the crawl space was very hard to work under and he was under the home for over 2 1/2 hours inspectiong, still don’t know what else he inspected cuz everything else has been replaced. I am getting the job done tomorrow by a in park repair man for a quote of $250.00 he came highly recomended by our park and has done the work here for over 15 years. so I will see how this goes. I should have started there fisrt. But let it known BUDGET PLUMBING & IS NO BUDGET FOR ANYONE BUT HIS BUDGET ! It seems like licensed contractors are just ripping everyone off cuz there licensed . This company never shared his licensed with us.

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