Bulldog truck sales Natlease

Bulldog truck sales Natlease

Bulldog truck sales/ Natlease Rip off Cummings Georgia!!. Today is September 18, 2015. i got my truck from Bulldog on August 11, 2015. The truck is currently in the shop since September 1,2015. i wish i could say this was the first trip to the shop but its not, neight is it the second. My reason for coming on here is to try and stop this from happening to another person, these people profit from from selling known defective trucks. (only God knows how they get them to pass a D.O.T.) i was recommended to bulldog by a friend that got his truck two months before i did, he too has being having multiple problems with his truck, he resently moved from where he lived and missed placed his documents and Bulldog refuse to give him a copy of it. (really great business practise) With regards to the reason i am here i cant go into details as i have a pending case against Bulldog, but i will say this in the hopes of stopping them from doing this type of bating to another unsuspecting person. Please note: i went on their website looked at all the posted comments that was left on there and i thought it was good everyone had so much good things to say about them, now i wonder who wrote those comments. like many of the comments i just read on here i fell victem to the same exact thing, at first these people appeared to be friendly, professional, and above all cared about my needs as a customer. however, all that changed and changed real fast after i got the truck………..Roy, and Gary, as well as the company itself shouldn’t be in business in my opinion. they are no better than the thugs running around with guns on the streets and therfore should be held accountable for there willful ripp-off of there own customers, no self respecting business would allow its name to be associated with this kind of behavior if this wasn’t policy. I have gotten a lawyer, and i would love to talk with some of the people on here about there experience with Bulldog, i can be reached [email protected] i refuse to be explited, i refuse to be treated this way by anybody let alone a bunch of old men that should have some level of self respect. BUYERS BE AWEAR….. dont do business there you will regret it. they are gonna lie. looking good and sounding good is not necessarilly a good thing.

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