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We purchased a used camper from Bullyan RV Duluth Minnesota. the camper appeared to be in good shape other than a wrinkle in the linoleum all looked great. Upon buying it they took it in the shop and gave it a once over to make sure all was well and good. After we got a thumbs up from the inspection we left for a season of camping. It was a poor camping summer because of weather so we managed only 8 nights in our (new to us Trailer) We cleaned up out unit and stored it in a sound storage building for we did not want it out in the winter weather. One week ago we took out camper out of storage as I entered the camper I noticed the little wrinkle in the linoleum had became a big area of wavy linoleum. Upon inspection it was apparent that water had been running down through the wall of this camper for probably years and the rot was all the way from the roof to the floor. I called Bullyan homes talking to Joe Bullyan to be exact . He informed us it is our problem but he would ( be nice and pay for half the repair) Or he would take it in on trade of course it would cost us he would give us 8990.00 trade in so that would be him roughly shaving 1000 bucks off what we paid for him to keep in his pocket… then of course we would have to pay approximately 2500.00 bucks to fix the damage since the trailer was ours ( even though he did not deny that the damage was there when we bought it) so this little rotten camper that he sold rotten would end up taking a a 3500.00 to a 4000.00 loss… What the heck ? What kind of a deal is this? What kind of actions can I take someone please help give me ideas or point me in the right direction. People like this its all about the bottom dollar for him and we the people he could care less about if he thinks he can rip you off, he will, Buyer beware stay away from this Dealer…Thank You for hearing me out .

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