Se extreme caution if dealing with this firm. They are at best unprofessional and not client friendly and at worst outright fraudlent. We worked for 24 months with BFCA and their cast of characters (which may well just be one person) to close a loan for a hotel. We are an experienced company and met time and again all needs the lender had – right up unitl it was time to close the deal. Then mysteriously, new “issues” which are minor in nature arised but the company would not provide a vehicle to resolve these. You will never talk to a human, and if you visit the office at the address listed on their webiste (*Etrade Financial Center) in Atlanta, you will find that it is a virtual office and no one from the company is present. They only correspond in email, and usually after teh close of the business day. | These were never honored. We paid this compnay nearly $20,000 in fees .. We are planning with legal action but we want EVERYONE POSSIBLE to know that this is a highly suspect group. Also you will not find any of the supposed executives with BFCA on LinkedIn, or other social media. No press Releases from the company and we could not find business filings in the state of Georgia for their business. Their webiste is registered to some UPS store in Maryland. I wish we had done more research on these guys up front, but we trusted a broker we have done previous business with and his reccommendation. Oddly, he has a couple other deals in their pipeline that have not closed either. .


CEO Maids Complaint

After 2 months out of a 6 month contract, Jennifer Williams Holbus of CEO Maids Atlanta effectively took advantage of my online marketing

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After I sold my house I was aproached by a representative of Bluestone with an investment offer of 15% per annum return. I should have

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Dear all, Khawja shariff owner of team tech phoenix bpo & it services Pvt Ltd & the owner of team phoenix is a big fraud in the

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After listing the vehicle, options and color I wanted, I sat back to get the information I needed to buy a vehicle without the god-awful

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] Complaint

A quick summery: If one of their clients damages your car, the only way that I have found to get a fair settlement of a claim is to have