They sent me a used damaged Radiator California Internet!!. This company sent me a used radiator and charged me for shipping when at the top of their web site it says free shipping on all radiators. When i disputed it with paypal because i paid with paypal i was told by the company who sells the radiators. To send it back which will cost me $98.67 to send back. Therefore because i am not going too pay more money too those criminals paypal will not give me back the $119.29 i paid for a bogus raidator. This company buy a raidator is not listed with the BBB or Licensed in the state of California where there business is located. We sent them and paypal a legal notice. This is it.—–> We have filed a report regarding the company. Buy-A-Radiator company. Stealing from customers and selling false items we have also informed the police dept and state prosecutors office that Paypal was involved with the criminal offense. And have in no way gone after the seller in this matter and that Paypal supported the criminal activity. They have stated the state and prosecutors office that felony warrants have been issued for the owner of Buy-A-Radiators and the person responsible for paypal accounts services. Please call the Missouri state prosecutors office . All evidence E-Mails and documents and item in question and phone recordings with paypal customer service and Buy-A-Radiators have been turned over too the Missouri Attorney’s General office and state prosecutors office. A report had also been filed with the. Better Business. For which the business is located. We have also started legal procedures for legal suit in the amount of $125,000+ legal fees. For punitive damages and for legal fees and emotional distress and other reasons not stated here. Please call or E-Mail for more info. ALL TRANSCRIPTS AND DOCUMENTS AND ATTACHMENTS AND PHOTOS IN THIS E-mail ARE NOT TO BE COPIED TRANSFERRED OR SCANNED OR READ BY ANYONE EXCEPT BY THE RECIPIENT IT IS SENT TOO. Now no one before or after this notice from buy a company or paypal has tried to call us and now no one will answer our calls. Do not buy from this company they are a criminal enterprise operating out of California.

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