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Buy Lsd Online

Online chat between “Logan” and me: | One of our representatives will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s). Thank you for your patience. | It’s been 50 minutes with a wait time of 0 minutes…LiveChat’s timer is broken. | Any word on what’s happening with my order yet? Order 914 “You’ve sent $130.00 USD to Allen Willson”. Transaction ID: 2CN50309MB563211A 8 May 2019 | I was told you were experiencing “technical problems”. | My understanding is I input my name and address, paid into a PayPal account, was charged 20 USD for “Guaranteed 5 day delivery” – 2 weeks ago. | I was told in this chat window yesterday that I’d be informed by email of the outcome. Nothing. | Shall I put in a fraud / dispute with my bank over my payment? | What possible “technical problems” could you be experiencing? | You have my details and money – I have nothing but excuses… | ************************************************ | Hello Sir | Me 03:02 | You were going to get back to me via email about my order…nothing yet | You have my details and money – I have nothing but excuses… | Me 03:04 | If you were me, would you lodge a fraud case with your credit card company ? | Logan 03:05 | Pleas sir stop all this about fraud | We are legit and like I told you yesterday we have issues with shipment | And in as much as we have tried sending u and email concerning it but the servers are down | So we are working on it | Me 03:07 | I’d accept a simple explanation as opposed to run-around | Logan 03:07 | Unless u want me to explain it here to you | Me 03:08 | If the servers are down , how come this chat works? | Logan 03:08 | Well we just got this up some minutes ago | Me 03:09 | But I spoke to you last night… | Logan 03:09 | We are very sorry for all this, I Logan would have explained this to you last night but we were to send an email to explain to you instead | Me 03:10 | The longer the time passes, the more suspicious I get | I don’t know whose email address you sent it to but it wasn’t mine | Logan 03:12 | Oh we are sorry Dit | Sir | Can you please calm down?? | Me 03:12 | I’ve heard nothing, that’s why I’m back | Logan 03:12 | There’s nothing for you to worry about!! You will have your parcel okay?? | Me 03:13 | You have my name, address and money, what possible ‘server error’ stops you kk aiming the produce ? | You have my name, address and money, what possible ‘server error’ stops you from mailing the product ? | Logan 03:14 | Sir can you please calm down so I explain to you what’s going on?? | Me 03:15 | Explain then | Logan 03:21 | Unexpectedly and unfortunately , the chief of control showed up yesterday when your parcel was on transit to your location from your nearest airport and discovered the content of your parcel with your address on it and said he was taking the parcel with your address to the Police but we managed to talk to him and we came to fee of $350 that is to be paid so the case should be closed and so we proceed delivery | This never happens to our shipments, your parcel and 5 of our clients we seen… | 3 of our clients have paid that sum and their delivery were processed and sent to their location | Right now just 2 of you are left and that’s why we have the delay!! | Me 03:24 | Why would the police take only a 350 $ bribe. I was a policeman from 1985 – 1997, so I’d like to know which PD extorted you. I’ll report them myself … | Logan 03:25 | But the second person is going to make his payment as we speak right now!! | mcphan3029 03:26 | Extortion by a government officer is a worse crime than sending a letter | Logan 03:26 | There’s no need for that Sir, we should try and see how we can proceed with out any disorder or any person going down.. If you know what I mean!! | It’s just you Sir and we are wanting for us to come to a compromise | Me 03:27 | I know what you mean. I was a ‘clean’ cop and us clean cops hate dirty cops. | Who was the officer etc. the details and I’ll report them to their superiors | Logan 03:29 | Sir we can’t disclose such identity for our own safety and yours!! So please understand with us | That’s why we are trying to come to a compromise!! There’s no need for such | Me 03:30 | Don’t worry about me, some scumbag is extorting you…that’s an attack on me too | Logan 03:30 | You are our client and so we have to worry Sir | Me 03:31 | Mate, I’m 55, I don’t care anymore | Logan 03:31 | And our image too!! So in cases like this we like to work things out with out clients and push through with delivery to avoid all this beef | Me 03:31 | What country are you in? | What state are you in? | Read | Logan 03:32 | We are in the US | Right now Sir, we will like to proceed with delivery to your home | Me 03:33 | What state are you in? | Has my delivery been shipped ? | Logan 03:35 | There’s a total fee of $350 that has to be paid and due to your patience and understanding we will like to know what you can afford so we help you | So That we proceed with your delivery | Me 03:36 | Fraud case being launched. I smell extortion. You may put it over some people, not me | Logan 03:37 | It is ok Sir | Me 03:37 | 350 $ for something that’s already.cost me 200 | You’ve got to be joking. Who’d be stupid enough to pay that | Logan 03:38 | Alright Sir | Me 03:38 | I’m outta here, I have a date with my banks credit card fraud department | Westpac Banking Corporation fraud: 1300 651 089 | PayPal Fraud: online. | A seller took my money and sent me no product and tried to extort 350 USD from me. | The seller uses the account [email& 160;protected] to elicit funds, via PayPal, then claims ‘he’ is being extorted by local authorities. | I want my money back. | He’s refusing to give it back, even though their website claims a “30 day money back” policy. | I’ve lodged a fraud case with my Credit Card company against both the Seller and PayPal. | Unscrupulous sellers need to be weeded out. | Your case has been filed | Case ID: XX-X-54XXX51 | Your account changes have been submitted to us for review. We’ll get back to you by 24 May 2019. You can check the status of your case in the Resolution Centre. | Thanks for helping to make the PayPal community more secure.

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