Looks like you’re getting nothing after you have paid. I sent emails after emails and they blocked me now. But still keeping the money. They sent one email on March the 6th. Just said thanks for your order. After this message there was nothing else. Please stay away from them.. I demand No money back. Stay away

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Complex Media, Inc.

Contacted seller from cell phone and was told to send money through moneygram. Always replied, but once I paid I never received my item

The Christrian Singles Registry, owned by Larry McEntire, claims to introduce marriage-minded ladies, from 60 different countries, to Complaint

After having been a professional and licensed advertiser utilizing this company’s website for years, my account was suspended and


Back when AT&T decided they wanted out of the wireless business they said I needed to go to another company.One day I get a brochure Complaint

Complete Scam! They picked up my money sent via Western Union and I heard nothing for 4 weeks. I reached out via email and they claimed