100% Scam – You will lose your money, guaranteed Internet!!. This is one guy disguised as a company who will take your money, not deliver, and won’t refund your fees.At first he is quick to respond but will employ a list of stall tactics to delay it (provide a receipt to prove the purchase, confirm your email address, excuses as to why the service wasn’t provided, etc.)At the end of the day you will not get the service you’ve paid for OR the refund of your money.100% scam from Turkey/Pakistan.

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BahamasAir Holdings Complaint

Bahamas air has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Bahamas air is going to be the reason Freeport goes under . When I

American Casualty Access

American Casualty Access ACA Poor Service sorry company Nationwide Nationwide!!. This is the worse company ever. I was hit by one of their

Jowen Sapiano

Aquaholics and Chacone Modeling Agency and Jowen Sapiano of Miami and Costa Rica are just covers for Jowen Sapiano’s fraud and rape Complaint

Checking my credit card statements, I found six unexplained, and to my mind, unauthorised transactions ; I have just reported the matter

Purchased tickets through ticketgalaxy, was charged $66 for ‘floor’ seating and when the tickets were “ready for print&

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Complaint

After research on pet insurance and conversation with ASPCA Pet Insurance representative, we enrolled our then puppy to be covered. Only