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virtual credit card SCAM- FRAUD! STAY AWAY!! I bought a vcc a on 3.12.2013 from It was a reloadable vcc which cost me $18. [I paid it in Liberty Reserve to their account LR a/c U0735182 (SUMAN SETTI).]They asked me to give them $85 to load it with $83. So the total I paid them was $103 they gave me a number : [protected] Expiry: April 2022 cvv: 661[The number was given to me on their chat app.They did not even send an email to me. no login details..] I tried to buy a product from clickbank with this so called VCC and they did not accept it. Then I tried the same transaction through paypal. That also failed. So I checked the validity of the card in and the vcc failed in all the tests [Luhn Algorithm Check, Issuer identification number, Personal Account Number etc] So I contacted them on 3.13.2013 about it to know if they made a mistake or if it was a big scam.. Now they began to play a different game. They say that they will issue a correct vcc if I pay them only $100 more.. I asked them to give me a refund.No They will give a refund only after 90 days. Why do they need 90 days when the money was not through any process and paid to their LR a/c? The answer is obvious.THEY ARE A SCAM. They know that most of the scammed people would keep quiet and forget about it. FRIENDS, Please be advised: BUYVCC.IN is a big SCAM.STAY AWAY from them..

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