C.A.R.S. Protection Plus, Inc

C.A.R.S. Protection Plus, Inc

C.A.R.S. Protection Plus, Inc WARRANTY RIP OFF Murrysville, PA with one additional location Nationwide!!. First, THE POLICY HAS NOT, IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY. If anyone is considering this company KEEP AND SAVE YOUR MONEY. Pay for your repairs yourself. You will come out much better. We purchased the top policy offered in 8-2018 for 48 months/unlimited mileage. We paid cash for the vehicle and the policy. Originally the policy price was over $2,000 but because we were paying cash for everything we negotiated it down to $1,995. It has a $0 deductible. In two separate submissions to this company, three years apart, THEY NEVER FULLY COVERED ANYTHING STATED. Each time they only covered part of the issue. The first time on a $2753 bill they only covered $285. We paid the difference. Although states covered on the warranty paperwork. The second time a couple years later the total was $1665. They only covered $703. It left us and the repair shops with our jaws dropped. Basically if your vehicle has any issue under the hood that doesn’t start inside a covered component, they will be able to slide out from under the charges. If the issue starts externally on any covered part they might cover some of it. Next having their rental benefits didn’t benefit either. You’re reimbursed per 8hrs. So, if the actual work time is less than 8hrs, not shop time without your vehicle, you have to pursue a rental on your own without reimbursement. Which is what we had to do. WE RENTED OUR OWN VEHICLE BECAUSE “IT DIDN’T QUALIFY FOR REIMBURSEMENT.” They use a website to figure repair hours and ours was 3hrs total. The warranty company and repair shop both told us that the parts couldn’t get to the shop till next week, and that would be the soonest. So, because they don’t pay for “down time” regardless of reason. We ended up paying for a rental as well as $961 for 2nd repair. $1995 policy + $2,467.35 repair#1 + $961 repair#2 + rental paid. We ended up coming out of more money than had we paid for all repairs ourselves. COST TOTAL $5,423 TO HAVE POLICY, $4,418 IF DIDN’T HAVE POLICY. we lost $1,005 w/policy. NOT WORTH IT… If you can afford a policy save your money and put it aside to assist you with your repairs.

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