C.D.S. Towing & Garage

C.D.S. Towing & Garage

C.D.S. Towing & Garage C. Simmons Towing & Garage Attempted to RIP Off Insurance Company but ripped us off – inflated Tow & Storage Charges, played good samaritan Chicago, Illinois!!. My husband was in a car accident on March 29, 2013. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Shortly after arriving at the hospital this older guy came into the hospital emergency room dressed like a mechanic. He introduced himself as Mr. Simmons and asked if we wanted him to tow our car from the scene of the accident. We thought it was sort of weird for him to have followed us to the hospital for a tow and we said no thank you. He said that if he did not tow it or someone else that the city would tow it. We were stressed and in a state of panic and agreed and said yes. He went back to the scene to tow the car and called us and said the City had already towed the car. Mr. Simmons said that your wife can come and sign the car over to me. We thought he sounded too desperate and said no thank you. We let the car stay in the pound a little over a week and it was building up charges. When my husband checked it was at a little over $400. We thought we had better get this car moved to a free zone before the charges are to high to get out. The insurance company only agreed to pay for the car for towing and storage for a little over a week. We did not know of any free parking and storage zones. We could not park an inoperable car on our living quarters parking lot. We thought of the only person we knew which was Mr. Simmons who we met at the hospital. My husband called him and told him the situation and he said that he would come out. He said towing was $85.00 but for us not to worry about any money. We thought, wow, he sure is kind. We began to think maybe there are some people that are trustworthy and good in this world after all. The days went by and my husband kept checking in with Mr. Simmons to see what we owed him because we did not want any problem once the insurance company went to pick up the car. He called Mr. Simmons and he continually said not to worry about money. The insurance company called Mr. Simmons in order to make arrangement to pick up the care on April 16,2013. Mr. Simmons said that he would not release the car unless the insurance company paid him $980.00. The insurance company said they were not going to pay Mr. Simmons anything because the agreement was to pay for towing only up to April 8 which covered the time in the city pound only. My husband and I were in total shock that Mr. Simmons racked these charges up so high in a relatively short amount of time. My husband called Mr. Simmons about the charges and again he said don’t worry about it. My husband very upset said what do you mean don’t worry about it?, They are not releasing my money until they get the car and they only agreed to pay the costs incurred by the City pound. Mr. Simmons still said don’t worry about it. My husband and I finally figured out his game it was to rip off insurance companies. This time it did not work but rather but us in a bind. Fortunately, the insurance company worked out arrangements with us to pay the towing fee out of our settlement. My husband called Mr. C. Simmons aka Rev. Simmons, if that is his real name. I doubt if there is any truth existing in this man. He wanted to see if the insurance company picked up the car. All signs of kindness were gone and he snapped and simply said They got the car. I hope and pray that this message gets around and circulated so that no once else and no insurance company gets scammed by this con artist.

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