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Here is a company that has the utmost arrogance you will ever find. CH Robinson is a leading freight broker engaged in the business of arranging less than trailer load(LTL) and full trailer load freight. Their job is to match one of the hundreds of trucking companies to a shippers needs and shipping channel. They boast of having scores of thousands of customers. | I had two horrible experiences with them which included a complete no show of a truck for a time sensitive shipment. I literally waited for most of the day waiting for this truck to pickup our freight. Multiple phone calls and lots of finger pointing and hours of wasted time, and in the end CH Robinson told me the truck broke down. Simply put lots of lies and bad communication and this what you get with this company. They have a very good way of blaming their affiliated trucking companies in a way that defers blame away from them. I had other issues with them as well, like ordering a truck with a liftgate and a truck with no lifgate shows up. | I made sure to voice my displeasure with their service and advised them that I would not be paying for a service they did not fullfill. The upshot of this was that we agreed to agree that I would pay a percentage of what was owed due to a loss of time and horrible service. | So here is what happened later as a result of my bonafide complaint and a negotiated payment for horrible and delayed service riddled with untruths from their associates. After many months I thought I would give them another try. I give them the ship to and ship from, the commodity and weight and dimensions. This lovely company quotes a price that was close to 3x more than any other competitor. I am thinking what is this about. Well, what they intentionally did was send a message that they dont want to move my freight anymore. Strange, as they dropped the ball on service not me. And they did twice not once. But instead of moving forward, they punish me and my company. | A week ago I called them again to get a quote and an arrogant associate advised me that they dont want to do business with me or my company; all rooted in their horrible service. | Needless to say I escalated this to their corporate office and what I found is that this unscrupulous company has this culture from top to bottom. If they make a mistake or many mistakes and you complain, they will strike you from their dirty list of clients. That simple, polite but arrogant. Dont worry CH Robinson, I am done with you forever. You can take your abhorent business practices and dump on some other company, and you will. I would rather drive my own truck that work with you in the future. | Beware! If you are a client of theirs and you complain with a legitimate problem, they will dump you to. My best suggestion is to stay clear away from them as all they want is your money, not your disatisfaction due to them or their trucking partners. | Dont complain too loud or ask for a payback, you will be nixed from their client list. Like most freight brokers they are adept at never taking blame for something gone wrong, they will defer to the carrier or simply tell you that your expectations are too high. Stay away from this broker if you can. They will put you at the curb

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