Cable Dahmer Chevrolet

Cable Dahmer Chevrolet

Cable Dahmer Chevrolet Cable Dahmer Buick, Cable Dahmer GMC Marked up car price Kansas City, independence Missouri!!. I had Bought a Buick from cable Dahmer a year ago that was advertised online at $15,000 Iu2019ve made all of my payments (328.00) on time and I put down $1000 and a year later I owe on the principal $15,200. What I believe happened is that between my decision on the car and the time I left the finance office they raised the price a few thousand dollars hoping I wouldnu2019t catch it, and I didnu2019t unfortunately. I had referred a friend to them and she had the same problem however I recently found out she had caught the error before agreeing to sign and the finance guy played it off as a minor mistake. In theory I should be down to about 10-11 thousand left on the principle. Iu2019ve done numerous purchases through them but never have I felt so cheated in my life. Iu2019m planning on presenting my case to the attorney generals office and the BBB. In the future Iu2019ll be using a different more reputable dealership for my vehicle needs.

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