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I contracted with Cactus Mailing to design, produce, and mail 2700 postcards. After being advised by my sales rep, Joe, that all the cards were mailed, I waited. In the weeks that followed I did not receive one response, no request for additional information, no undeloverable cards, and, most importantly, no seed card from the post office. The seed card is considered proof that the mailing was completed. | When I contacted Joe, he initially expressed regret that my results were so dismal. He then suggested that there was a design element that should have been done differently. I thought this was an odd thing to say because I paid Cactus for the design. After that he would not respond to either my phone calls or emails. | I challenged the payment with my credit card company, and Cactus porovided what they said was proof of mailing from the post office, but 0 rersponses is a little hard to believe. This plus Joe’s lack of spine has given me cause to doubt their integrity. | I have been in business for decades, and have had my share of failures, but this one just doesn’t pass the smell test. | I don’t know if Cactus is honest or not, or, competent or not, but, with the plethera of excellent direct mail companies, I would question the wisdom of choosing Cactus. | Thank you for your attention

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