Cagchapman auto group

Cagchapman auto group

Cag, chapman auto group, Chapman dodge henderson nevada rip off company. maffia of car dealerships henderson nevada Nationwide!!. In 2017 i had alot of health issues and the company I was working for took away our company vehicles which forced me to have to get a vehicle for work. My credit was not good I seen an add about chapman dodge in henderson nevada that if you make 350 a week you are approved for a vehicle. I went down talked to the salesman who was helpful and friendly before I purchased the vehicle and once purchased he turned into a not so nice person and what a bad attitude. When I purchased the vehicle it was financed thru CAG which now I know as Chapman automotive group but when i was talking to the finance guy he talked about CAG as a different company. 2 days after purchasing the car it started having transmission issues i called them and they stated since i didnt take out the coverage from them any repairs would have to be paid by me (this was 2 days after I bought their vehicle. I complained threatend to go to the media so they had me bring it in. They kept it for about 2 weeks finally called and said it is ready. I go down to pick it up and i ask what was wrong they said a missing bolt on the transmission. I walk out get in the car put it in drive and still had the same issue so I went back in told them it wasnt fixed so I had to leave it again. 2 weeks later I called and they said it was fixed so i go down to pick it up and I ask what was wrong with it and again they said a missing bolt on the transmisson. I go out get in the car and to my surprise they seemed to fix it. The next day i start the car to go to work and the car started smoking from the exhaust. I called them and told them about it and they said it was because it had been setting. Over the next few days I took the car back to them wanting to get out of the lemon that i purchased over a month and only able to drive it for 2 days all the rest of the time it had been in the shop.I spoke with the general manager about my terrible experience and explained to him the past issues and now the car smoking and his response was all corvettes smoke when they get a little older and he even said he has one and it smokes as well. Ibtold him I wanted out of the deal since they sold me a lemon and he said no because CAG has sent them the check already. We got into a heayed discussion and finally he said they will put me in something different and each vehicle he showed me was more expensive than the orignal car i purchased so I couldnt get out of the deal because a check foe 13k had been sent to them but had no problem putting me into something more expensive than the check bthat was sent to them.They ended up putting me in a 2005 trailblazer which over the next 2 years was broken more than working. I spent at least 4k over those 2 years on repairs. One body shop even told me that it looked as if the vehicle had been submerged in water due to almost every bolt being rusted which explains why I kept having wiring issues. Well after paying 232 every 2 weeks without being late (chapman installs a gps unit which if you are 1 day late the turn off your car) after 12 years with the company I was working for i got laid off I calked CAG in AZ to let them know I had been laid off and to see if we can work out some kind of option until I get paid and the lady said she would see what she could do and call me back. My payment was due so I called her and got no answer so I get in the trailblazer to go for a job interview and to no surprise the car was shut off. I tried calling over the next few weeks and each time that they would answer she would say let me see what I can do. I go out to check my mail and they had a company there to repo it. I called the lady at CAG in az to ask her why they did not back with me and she said not her problem that they will be taking the vehicle to auction and anything less than what I owed i will have to pay the difference. So a month went by and I was still looking for work and then out of the blue I get a call from the same lady at CAG in az saying that they sold the vehicle for 8k less than I owed and now they want the difference. I explained which she already knew from our conversation 2 months ago that i was laid off and had no income. She got rude and said they will sue me and guess what i just had a person come to my house to drop off court papers which is unbelievable. This company Chapman Dodge and CAG should be sued for all their deceit and lies and deceiving the public. I have just started a new job making a third less than I was making only now more stress facing a lawsuit from the terrible company. The owner and employees of Chapman dodge in henderson nevada and CAG in az should hang their heads in shame. Not sure how they sleep at night knowing they are taking advantage of people.

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