Caliber Collision San Diego CA

Caliber Collision San Diego CA

Caliber Collision San Diego California Miramar Allstate recommends this repair shop, do not use, 17,000 usd on a car of $15,000 value San Diego California!!. In december 2019 we had an accident, the insurance company sent a appraisal expert and he calculates 10,000 usd repair, then the insurance company recommend me to use Caliber Collision, my car was in the repair shop for 3 months, when ready, after poor communication during first 2 months, the 3rd month was better once a week, when i wet to pick the car, it looks bad, the lines of the hood and fender did not match, so I asked them to fix it, same day when I arrived to home, an email of them show me the repair cost $17,000 usd plus tax. I was chocked, it could be cheaper to make the car total lost and avoid 3 months without car, I called Allstate and they said it was common to happen, then they told me the deductible would be forgiven. Of course the Insurance policy cost sky rocket. So 10 days later I picked up the car, and when driving it was a vibration, so I returned to repair shop and after 3 or 4 days they said was ready, almost 4 months after the collision, finally I discover the they put more rpms in the engine instead of find the real cause, hood was vibrating as paper, but I did not want more problems or complaints, but I heard from one of their employees they use NO OEMS parts, this car is 2018 and no OEMS parts??? so the hood is like paper, and possible other parts. My recommendation, use the repair shop of the agency brand, Ford, Chev, Nissan etc. If you use Caliber ensure they quote before start the repair with OEM parts, it is possible will increase your lost and your insurance premiums, after that be sure they give you a commitment date, and before you receive the car not only inspect it but also drive around to look for things you can not see but listen or feel, car will be very clean and that distract you from what is important, DO NOT SIGN until you agree with the repair. This is sad and frustration will be with you for months or even years every time you pay your premium and you knew after all that would be much better NOT to USE Caliber Collision. Lesson I learned, ask the repair shop to quote the repair and tell them to ensure everything was included, if possible ask the Ford or Nissan or etc to quote too, it is possible price will be similar. and If not ensure Caliber quote the same parts and hours, they are expensive, and there is a lot of pressure to achive their sales goals, bonus are attrative to management.

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