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Well, where do I begin. My family decided that we would like to add a puppy to our household. We wanted make sure that we found the right breeder to ensure the health and over well being of our new addition. So, we researched the breed, went to places where we had the opportunity to meet breeders and also looked online. And it was online where we found what we thought was going to be the honest, reliable place to purchase our new puppy. That was not what we got. Sure, the information “on screen” from was very professional and the sales rep my husband talked to answered all his questions with information that made him feel this was the place where we would find what we were looking for, a HEALTHY, happy well socialized puppy. And that the breeders that worked with, were honest, caring and NOT puppy mill breeders. In fact, all of the information given to us was that of reassurance that we were not going to get cheated or left with a damaged puppy. THAT IS NOT WHAT WE GOT!!! So we filled out the request, paid for little Lola (ID#228681)and waited for her to arrive. Arrive she did, and for one week everything seemed to be fine, she was a happy, bouncy puppy, full of love for our family. Then one week to the day we got her everything changed. After a very stressful night where Lola seemed be struggling to breathe we rushed her to the vet to be told that she was very sick with DISTEMPER (fatal to dogs), we rushed her to an animal hospital only to have that diagnosis confirmed by two more vets and then were told that there was really no way to save her. During this whole time we were in contact with and they said all the right things to ensure us that we would our money back because as we were told she was sick before she came to us (3 wk incubation period), and their policy is to ensure customer satisfaction. So for two weeks they left us in limbo while they checked everything out, then basically told us we were ### out of luck and would not return our money and that we were wrong to put a sick, suffering and dying puppy out of it’s misery. SUCKS should have given us our money back… DON’T USE!…TOTAL SCAM…DON’T CARE…DON’T BELIEVE THEM!

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