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I deeply regret getting conned by Paul Chretien of California Builders. He seemed very nice —at first. For starters, he’s NOT an architect contrary to any claims he makes. This guy will take your deposit and RUN. Then he’ll ghost you, IF you somehow manage to get him on the phone he’ll then claim that there was a death in the family, bla bla bla. | In short, he’s very unprofessional and dishonest. He’ll dishonestly claim that the deposit for the kit homes are a site inspection and “research” to determine what kind of licensing you’ll need to satisfy your county requirements. I’ve since found that he has a history of conning people. | He was found to be in breach of contract and was instructed to return more than 43 Thousand Dollars in March 27, 2017 in District Court, Morgan County, State of Colorado. The defendant Paul H. Chretien, California Builders inc. and Continental Kit Homes were found guilty of Breach of Contract from a cabin kit purchased from Chretien in 2015. | Stay away from this thief!

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