California Closet Company, Inc

California Closet Company, Inc Complaint

Beware of unfinished work, rude people and missed deadlines. California closets will try to make excuses just to make more money. Our sales rep promised us our project would be completed by a mutually agreed upon deadline. The contractor did not finish by this deadline and seemed indifferent to doing so. We were in constant contact with the sales rep prior to the deadline. He falsely assured us the deadline would be met, right up until a few hours before the project was to be entirely completed. Why did they continue to lie right up until the end when they knew it wouldn”t be done on time? After we were assured it was completed, we arrived at the house only to find a huge construction mess all over the driveway and the garage, with a construction crew still working. This project was a mess from start to finish. The dishonesty and rudeness that ensued thereafter was even more frustrating. At one point the owner of the franchise even accused us of using racial slurs towards the crew. I assume he did this so that they wouldn”t have to admit to doing such a poor job. It”s unbelievably frustrating when someone will resort to these measures in lieu of just accepting responsibility for missed deadlines and shoddy work. Why can”t people and business be honest anymore? Why can”t they do what they promise they will do? And if they”re going to miss a deadline, simply let us know. Take responsibility. Where have the quality companies and quality people gone? So disappointing to say the least. Please think twice before using California Closets. I hope you will find a company that cares about their work and their contracts. In the end, California Closets offered no compensation whatsoever.

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