California Engines

California Engines

California Engines Motorbuilder71, Cal Engine Exchange,US Precision Machine This company is aweful!!! Buyer beware!!! Truckee Internet!!. Save yourself from this nightmareu2026 I looked at many motors on Ebay and eventually settled on Motorbuilder71 or California Engine exchange because they had a great price. Just so Ebay knows we eventually ended up doing the deal skipping Ebay for a couple hundred dollars less. The Price Was Right!!! And then everything went downhill from there. I ordered and 8.1L h*o motor in Red. Communication sucked during the process once I had given my AMEX number. I was never given any paperwork and was never told any tracking numbers. I only dealt with a man named Joe whou2019s phone appears to be a Las Vegas number. Whenever I called he would never answer and would never return any messages. Well, surprise-surprise, one day the motor shows up and I thought GREAT! What was suppose to be a RED motor ends up coming in BLACK. OK, so I dealt with that. My particular motor came with 2 studs in the heads that were not long enough for my particular application. I tried everything to get them out-even torched them and they did not budge. So my exhaust system was down two bolts right off the bat-it probably leaked. The motor was also missing many brass plugs. The ad listed on Ebay said that it would come with an Oil Pump which it never did. Anyway, so I get my motor installed and I thought I was done dealing with this mess. The motor u201clower bearingsu201d failed after about 20 hours. This engine was built like crap!! Buyer beware!!! They are cheap because they are pieces of s***!! You get what you pay for!!! So, I contact Joe and let him know what happened. I canu2019t believe he answered his phone. He agreed to set up the shipping to come pick up the broken motor. That was a nightmare in itself just to get that done. It took about 15 phone calls and many threats and about 3 u00bd weeks before it was set up. Joe has his head up his a**! Next, they received the motor and it took another 2 weeks before I heard what they were going to do. Long story short- Joe kept telling me they were going to rebuild the bottom end. Then three more weeks go by. I never received a new motor. I was miraculously able to get in touch with Joe and then his next move was that the freight company had lost the rebuilt motor and they were going to make a brand new one. Well, At that point I had had enough of his Bullshit!!! I immediately called AMEX and disputed the charges. Joe, Motorbuilder71 or Cal Engine Exchange never disputed my claim because they know they suck!! I got my money back and had my local engine builder build me an engine that I can trust, should have done that from the start. This is my first and hopefully only review that I have ever written, but I felt the need to let others know about my experience. If you want a cheap engine that will break quickly motorbuilder71 is your company. If you feel like dealing with u201cSPICOLIu201d from u201cFast times at Ridgemont Highu201d JOE IS YOUR MAN!!!

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