CalTex Protective Coatings Inc.

CalTex Protective Coatings Inc.

CalTex Protective Coatings Inc. ResistALL Failure to cover Schertz Texas!!. I purchased additional coverage for paint and upholstery when I bought a new car in 2016. I purchased the highest coverage and it was good for 7 years. The dealer went on and on about this and that being covered. Fast forward 2 years. I contact this company when I realize there is a spot of paint that has come off and there is some rust developing where that paint has come off. I was told that it wasn’t fading so they would not cover a repair. Now to the next scenario. Remember this coverage is for paint and upholstery. The driver’s seat is fabric and leather. The leather has started to come apart. I call this company again thinking this should be covered from what I was told when I purchased this coverage. Again I am told this is not covered. All I can say is this is the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. Do Not Waste Your Money!!!! A worthless company selling a service that does not cover what it is suppose to cover.

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