Caltex Protective Coatings

Caltex Protective Coatings

Caltex Protective Coatings Caltex a.k.a ResistAll CALTEX RESISTALL says in all. RESIST CLAIMS AT ALL COST Schertz Texas!!. If you plan on purchasing a new car in the near future resist purchasing environmental protection packages like the CALTEX ResistAll package the dealer will try to sell you. They are worthless, not worth the paper they are written on and you may as well take your money, put it in a coffee can and “Burn” it! I was one of the foolish one’s and want to make sure you do not get ripped off. I purchased the “Best Package” CALTEX ResistAll has to offer, through a Superstore new vehicle dealership in Burlington Wisconsin. I not only purchased one vehicle but two and had the product applied to both vehicles. What a fool I am! Yes, a fool because my son who works at another dealership told me never to purchase this product because as you would guess CALTEX will not stand behind the warranty! I recently had some rust form on the underside of one of my car doors. Yes, rust on a car that was 37 months old and 30 days out of the factory warranty. Dealer tells me had I come in “a little sooner” it would have been covered by GM and told me to contact CALTEX. What a joke. I called CALTEX / ResistALL to file a claim because living in Wisconsin we use a ton of road salt and it is pretty hard on the new car finishes. Well as you can imagine, CALTEX denied the claim! They informed me that unfortunately, CALTEX does not cover rust. Let me see my warranty says they cover damage caused by calcium chloride. Gee, what does Wisconsin spray on the roads and mix with the salt?? Answer Calcium Chloride. Long and short of it. Do no purchase this aftermarket product and maybe GM products.

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