Camaro Daves

Camaro Daves

Camaro Daves David Wynne Ashlee Wynne BEWARE! Firestone Colorado!!. The following is our experience with Camaro Daveu2019s located in Firestone. They listed a Camaro on Craigu2019s List and we went to Firestone to look at the car. It was a 1969 Camaro and has been converted to a Z28 Clone by Camaro Daveu2019s at our request. When we purchased the car on January 11, 2016, we were assured by Dave Wynne the owner of Camaro Daveu2019s that they could fix it up nicely for the amount paid. It included the car and the renovation and Ashlee Wynne assured us that the interior would be detailed nicely. Steve was very clear about the items being requested to fix the car. We explained to Dave Wynne that the Z28 was Steveu2019s dream for 40 years. Truth be told, since Steve was handicapped by multiple strokes, it would be difficult for him to do the work himself. Dave assured us both that he would take care of the car. There were many trips to Camaro Daveu2019s shop to check on the progress from our home. Roundtrip was over 300 miles but when our calls were not taken, and no responses to our text or the emails, we had to see what was happening. Many times we were disappointed with no activity. After over nine months of waiting and progress moving very slowly, we decided to take the car since we were told that there were just a few items not complete. We thought we had better do something or it might be next year before we got the car, if ever. To our surprise, the license plates were not on the car on Tuesday September 27th , even when it was known we were going to pick up the car. Daveu2019s son Codey was very helpful and put the plates on for us. The tank had about half a gallon of gas so we had to find a gas station close by. The engine had a squeal and Codey said it was because there were new belts and suggested we get some belt dressing. Upon closer review, there was a bolt that was finger tight and the belt on the alternator was loose and perhaps is the wrong belt. The outside of the car is in good condition with a few flaws in the paint job. The buffing was not completed as promised. That was just the beginning of issues. The driver door was not adjusted properly when it was put back on the car after painting and rubs on the body of the car, the door bumpers were not replaced on either side. The window felts were not replaced, as we were assured many times would be and both interior window handles have fallen off. The radio does not work, there is no antenna and we are not sure the speaker works. The temperature gauge does not work, the instrument lights do not work, the speedometer speed is off, the gas gauge does not work, the windshield wiper switch is loose in the dash and there are no windshield washer nozzles or hoses . The mirror on the driver side is loose and will not keep the adjustment. There are cut wires on the firewall, there was no detailing on the engine, the temperature light flickers, no theft alarm and the transmission selector is inaccurate. There are two fuses that are wrapped in foil which is as fire hazard. There were no valve caps on any of the tires, no jack handle, no jack bumper hook, several lights have bad bulbs including one headlight and there are no splash guards. There were a few items that appear to be done properly, and we appreciate the wheels and tires, but since most of the work appears to be mechanically and safety questionable, we will still have everything checked by a trusted professional. Those things that have been left undone or were poorly done will be corrected at additional cost to us. Be careful when dealing with private shops and make sure that you check the reviews.

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