Camder Port, Inc. DBA Shadow shopper

Camder Port, Inc. DBA Shadow shopper

sends email that he is Tony Williams and then sends fictitious MO’S that he says can be cashed in 24 hours…but my Bank Manager saw this already and put a hold on them…it’s across state lines fraud and the FBI and SS are looking into it as the bank is holding the MO’S. They give you “tasks” and two checks well over the amount needed and tell you that after you deduct the commission of $300. and $50 for shopping that they want you to send the difference after transportation, western union fees and such to THEM…..should have caught on…everything is done on the email…I saved and copied them all for the FEDS.. I demand take them to jail and FINE THEM!!!. I don’t recommend them

  • #Tony Williams

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