Camelback ford

Camelback ford

Camelback ford Came in for a fix for a recall left with a 1700.00 repair estimate with check engine light still on Phoenix arizona!!. Camel Back Ford is running a huge scam at their dealership you go in needing nothing but needing fixes due to a recall and you walk out with a $1700.00 repair estimate. so let me begin with exactly what happened There was a recall on my 2018 ford focus in which there was a deformity in the fuel tank which caused certain parts of the emissions systems to not function caused the check engine light to come on reading trouble codes p2196 and p0456 the fuel gauge would also act erratically going down to about half full and then go up. I took it in to pep boys on the 10/16/2018 they ran a full engine diagnostic and found that the only thing wrong was the issues due to the recall he checked the fuel system and said everything else is working perfectly. He told me to just take the car into ford and they would fix it at no cost. I was also concerned that there was no info on the recall so that’s when i tried more than three times to reach out to camelback ford. i contacted them three times through chat and clearly explained to them my concerns and clearly to them to have a supervisor email me back and i had heard nothing. One of the sales managers did finally email me back Matt who had asked if i was interested in trading in my car. I responded back to his email i told him no and that i was only concerned about the recall fixes. I had nothing back from Matt so that’s when i made an appointment to just take the car in to have it serviced for the recall. so on the 25 i took the car in and spoke with craig ebers at the service desk he ran the vin and explained that the recall was brand new and that was the reason i had found nothing he said they would look at it and he said that he would have to order the fuel tank and that would take a few days but he said that it would take until 2 at the earliest so i came back in around three and he tells me that they preformed an inspection and found that the front control arm bushings were completely worn away and that they would need to be replaced. he said that would run around 900 dollars to fix. i told him no and he told me that the car would be ready in about 30 minutes and that he did get a fuel tank from bell ford. But craig failed to mention the other numerous issues that were mentioned on the paper work and thats when things get weird as i go to sign for the paper work craig walks by and he says “I know its allot man but we offer special financing if you change your mind.” So i sit down to review the inspection paper work and they say i need to replace both the front control arm bushings i have an oil leak i need a 4 wheel alignment , that the transmission and engine coolant needed to be changed, fuel system service was needed,tire rotation required,both cabin and engine air filter needed to be changed which totaled out to almost $1700. dollars but there is no engine oil leaking from the car nor did craig disclose that to me at the desk,i replaced my air filter not even 4 months ago and pep boys supposedly did an alignment to my car 6 months ago and the tires i replaced back in april and they told me that fuel system was working fine with the exception of the recall issues. so why are they pushing a huge repair bill on me when i just came in to have recall issues fixed. So then some kid sits in the chair right next to me while holding an e ciggarette and says “whatcha doing” to which i reply “do you work here” he says yest and then i explain to him that craig failed to mention the other issues with the car he starts small taking me asking me what i drive and i tell him i drive a focus he then says “me to” and he asks if im interested in trading it in i tell him no he then proceeds to follow me out to my car he asks who im financed with i tell him my carsr is paid off then i raise my voice and tell him im not interested. Camelback ford knew my car had high millage and they tried to take advantage they knew i wasn’t going to be spending any money with them so they were trying to get money out of me by telling me that all these things were wrong with my car and they would have tried to get even more out of me if i went further and had the service done and on top of that they tried to sell me a car on multiple occasions and what shocked me was that someone would actually follow me in the waiting room of the service station and try to sell me a car! And now as of today i went to drive my car yet again the check engine has come on and it reads the same trouble code p0456 and i looked under the hood and cannot see any oil leaking whats so ever i also noticed that the cap for my washer fluid was cracked in half which it wasnt before the ring that held the cap on was broken but the actual cap was fine until i checked under the hold after taking the car into camel back ford yet another scheme to try to get me back into the delar ship

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