Camelot Apartments

Camelot Apartments

Camelot Apartments Miss Paulette Illegal Towing of Cars!!!!!!!!!! Richardson Texas!!. On 10/23/16 I parked at the Camelot Apartment at 6.30 pm to go to my daughters apartment to babysit her children overnight and parked my car in the visitor’s parkiing area which is clearly labeled on the pavement as visitors, and when I woke to leave the next mornig I found my car to be missing, my granddaughter stated to me at that time that Miss Paulette who is the onsite property manager propabaly had my car towed so I went to her apartment to in quire and she stated that my car was towed from the visitors parking because I did not have a visito’r hanger which I wasnt aware of. And I had previously spoke with her the evening before because my daughters apartment had a flood and she came to accesss the damages and asked if my daiughter was still out of town and if I would be staying the night and at that time I informed her that I would be staying the night and not once did she mention to me if I would be their over noght I would need a tow hanger, And called in and had my car towed away from thr visitors parking area costing me a sum of $399.30 for having my car less than $24 hours which I feel is just plain and simple robbery and the company damaged my car as well.That will cost me evemn more in damages.

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