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This practice is husand and wife team. They both work from Monday to Wednesday. Sometimes they show up on Thursday if necessary, but majority of the time they work Mon thru Wednesday only. They rented out the office to other dentists. The front office is very sloppy with people who don’t know how to do dental billing. They made the same mistakes repeatedly by the same people there at the front office. The dentists is just as sloppy. Dr. Tang does very sloppy work. He doesn’t take responsibility for sloppy work and have a high tendency of blaming it on the patients and the laboratory that does his dental work like crowns, bridges, dentures, etc. The dental assistants are the ones that do dental cleaning and most of the wonderful reviews are about their work and not the dental work. If you list the truth on yelp both Dr. Tan and Dr. Tang quickly remove your honest review if you speak the truth. Dr. Tan is Dr. Tang wife. I had an inlay done by them that came off within 2 weeks time. And I had a crown done by them on the same day that was poorly done. They refuse to acknowledge the horrible work. I had to have another dentist re-do the crown cuz it didn’t fit right. You can see the big gaps. I don’t know where Dr. Tang got his dental training from which makes me think maybe he got his degree from a foreign country with super low standard. The bottom line is don’t come here to this dental office.

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