Camper Depot Rv , Inc.

Camper Depot Rv , Inc.

Camper Depot Rv , Inc. consumers trying to get out of paying erned commissions Punta Gorda Florida!!. subject compaint filled oct. 26,2018 when a consumer asked dealership to sell or consign an rv for them , we incure several costs and advertise expenses that if al consumer shall do one of the following the dealership shall be entilted to payment or reimbursement of those costs a. sell privately and have unit picked up at dealership avaoiding paying any commissions b. ask dealer to show / demo / promote and advertise unit with out paying commissions c. use a consignment lot as a storage lot , trying to get out of paying a normal storage fees unlike many dealers WE DO NOT charge any up front or pre fees when we consign an unit , we never charge a commission or any charge when Rv sells, our income is earned thru final sales should the consignor remove such item ,this takes the opptunity for dealership to earn income as in all sales we do NOT call a seller or consignor of NON sales we will however contact seller with a solid buyer and signed offer to buy with a down payment by buyer most sellers or consignors have no clue of the expenses and costs thru advertisements , sales commissions, wash , demo , and prep required to proper sell and and deliver rv’s to the general public in good safe, working condition , this is hwy the costs incure and when a rv in deleted from inventory by seller those costs must be recovered from someone

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