Camping World Boise

Camping World Boise

Camping World Boise, Camping World RV, Good Sam Twice lied, deceptive and high pressure sales tactics, took 2 months to repair unlockable window on a new motorhome. Boise and Meridian, Idaho Nationwide!!. At Camping World we were one of many… victimized by high pressure sales tacticsu2026 I look back and ask myself how could I get bamboozled into buying an RV that cost $2,450 more than the same, new unit price elsewhere? How indeed, after being assured by a likable sales manager that Camping World (C.W.) would “meet or beat” any price from anywhere. Later we learned this was a lie. We were told we should make a refundable deposit to hold the RV we wanted…. to hold it over a holiday while waiting one day to hear back from the other RV dealer… Another misrepresentation, because that the deposit was not refundable if we did not buy the unit. Imagine how I felt when warned by another Camping World employee that my RV could be sabotaged during detailing! (Apparently “detailing” is a fancy word for dusting and washing the exterior, because the generator didnu2019t start, nor would the stove burners light, outside storage latches didnu2019t lock, a window frame had a .25 inch gab and wouldn’t seal. There was a lot of road noise, in part because the television antenna was installed backwards.) Warranty service took nearly two months to complete! We see no reason to go back to Camping World for anything. We found other places for maintenance and authorized-warranty work. At time of purchase we bought a 7 year, extended-warranty elsewhere, because we saw complaints in Better Business Bureau reviews that mentioned C.W.u2019s u201cshady service peopleu201d and Good Samu2019s deceptive advertising. Oh, it still makes us laugh to recall of our Boise Salesmanu2019s pridefully announcement that Good Sam membership brings discounts and “weu2019d have one year, free parking in their lots.” (Ha! Ha! “Their lotsu201d doesn’t refer to Good Sam’s.) Come on honey, I say to the wife, letu2019s go campinu2019 in the C.W. parking lot! Gimme a break. My Definition of a High Pressure Sale:My siblings have motorhomes and I wanted to test drive their unit shown on the internet. I stopped by Boise Camping World (C.W.) in Meridian, Idaho. Before we left, the C.W. Salesman said, in the presence of his u201cDailyu201d Manager, that he would meet any price at any dealer. I said my ability to pay cash should get our price lowered. The Daily Manager didn’t correct the Salesman’s statement that he could beat the other dealer’s cash-sale price. He looked up the cost, but made no correction to what the Salesman offered us. What sold me on C.W. was that we’d be moved to the “head of the line” for maintenance service if we bought from Boise C.W. (This doesnu2019t even make sense to me now.) The next day, the Salesman phoned and my eyes glazed over with his rehash that Boise C.W. u201cgoes the distanceu201d to gain and maintain us local folks, because mechanical service is where they make the bucks. Within 20 hours, my phone log shows another 5 calls from Salesman. Were we willing to pay this amount? Yes. He conferred with Sales Manager. We waited 35 minutes. Salesman called back to ask if we’d pay a higher amount. I handed the phone to my wife and the price raised to a yet higher amount. She explained we were waiting to hear from several other dealers. Exactly 2 minutes later the Salesman called, to again ask if I’d pay a lower dollar total. Well, albeit I was confused, I said “yes.” He u201ctook that backu201d to Sales Manager who himself called to explain why weu2019d have to pay still more. Finally irritated, my wife asked for the phone calls to stop. Apparently Mr. Sales Manager didn’t tell Mr. Salesman, because our phone log shows he called back in 9 minutes and suggested we put a two-day hold on the unit. Salesman asked me for a reasonable deposit to hold the price for 2 days. Unfortunately the Salesman changed the amount to $2,000 after I handed the phone to my wife for a credit card number. She thinks he said if she’d allow more on her card, our potential purchase would get him a sales bonus and he assured her we would find no lower pricing within 48 hours. We did find the same, new RV for $2,450 less. The next day when we went to Boise C.W., the Sales Manager said there is no such thing as a refundable deposit to hold a price. When we tried to negotiate, the Sales Manager said he couldn’t come down on the price to beat another dealer. He used the word u201clegalityu201d a lot. (Why didnu2019t the Daily Manager correct Mr. Salesman who repeatedly said heu2019d u201cmeet or beatu201d?) The Sales Manager said he had ordered transport the day before (on a national holiday) and couldn’t change that order. Our deposit money was gone, he said. In fact, he could have cancelled the transport, because the driver didn’t leave until 72+ hours after the alleged departure.) We almost walked out, but were disenfranchised by the loss of our $2,000 deposit. We called and wrote corporate and got a $10 coupon which we circular filed. We get our Mercedes warrenty repair at Lyle Pearson, Boise, and Dennis Dillon RV, Nampa. We got a 7 year extended warrenty from Nelson’s RV, Boise, and it was more inclusive and more cost effective than the scamming Good Sam, run by Camping World. Their mid-age founder had an accident (fell off a ladder?) and died in 2014… gee, since they know what’s going on… karma.

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