Camping World Oakwood Georgia

Camping World Oakwood Georgia

Camping World Oakwood Georgia Terrible purchase experience! Oakwood Georgia!!. Recently purchased a new motor home with a list price close to $125,000. First, the salesperson knew almost nothing about the vehicle. There were two items that needed to be repaired. I was assured they would be repaired before I came back to pick up the vehicle. Neither item was fixed properly when I picked up the vehicle. When I picked up the vehicle, a different individual was tasked with showing me all the features, and how to work them. There was no water in the tank, and no hose was hooked up. None of the plumbing fixtures could be checked. This individual also did not know much about the different features and it was his job to show me! When I mentioned that the entrance door was hard to close, he said it just needed to be broken-in. I was planning on going camping two days later, so I took the RV home. First, I fixed tight door in about five minutes. When I got to the campground, and hooked up the water, the bathroom sink faucet did not have a diffuser on it, so water splashed everywhere! Also, the drain under the bathroom sink leaked badly. The inside of the RV was dirty throughout. The drawer that they had supposedly fixed would not close properly. The shower nozzle holder screws were coming out of the wall. The stove cover was missing. All of these issues despite Camping World’s supposed 140 point inspection. They said they ordered new bathroom cabinet doors, and a new trailer light plug. I am doubtful this ever see them. There are not a lot of RV dealers to choose from, so you might have to use this dealer. If so, be very careful, and check everything before you buy!

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