Camping World of Dothan Ala.

Camping World of Dothan Ala.

Camping World of Dothan Ala. I bought a used camper and was told that certain things would be fixed and when it was delivered nothing was fixed. Dothan, Alabama!!. This is a letter I sent to Camping World Corporate office…….. I have attached the letter you sent me, I am also attaching my recent correspondence with John Martin from your Dothan, Ala. location. I would never have expected to be treated this badly by a company with as great a reputation as you have so I am giving you a chance to sort this out for me. I want to start from the beginning and tell you how this all began. I am a very poor person and that is not of my making it is a series of bad luck, being taken advantage of and abuse. I won’t go into all the details of that but I ran across a lady a very rich lady but I can’t reveal her name she is a very busy lady giving away her money to people who are in bad spots through no fault of their own and she does a full background check just to make sure and before she will help you have to prove your story of what has happened to you and usually she only gives up to $5,000 but my life story was so similar to hers she helped me quite a bit more than that. Beginning with purchasing a camper from your store in Dothan, Ala. She sent me to look at it and told me that John Martin guaranteed her that everything worked in it and had nothing wrong with it and said he had personally checked out everything himself. I arrived and looked at it and found a drawer stuck (it was fixed), sliding doors to bedroom off slider (not fixed), toilet seat broken(not fixed), cabinet door broken(not fixed), The camper was not hooked up to electric or water so I took his word that it all worked (stupid of me I know) As I stated I am a very poor person and couldn’t afford to fix all that stuff myself. John Martin told me he would get all of that fixed before the camper was delivered to me in Gautier, Ms. The day the camper was to be delivered arrived after a postponement when John called and said they had to replace the slide out motor so it was going to take a few days longer. The guy delivering it was very late it was evening before he arrived and he tried to leave without even setting the camper up, he didn’t even know how to back it into the space and he was very rude. John had said they would set it up but he didn’t, thankfully my neighbors helped or he would have just left. He was supposed to do a walk through and show me how it all worked and tell me how to take care of it but he didn’t know anything. Then to top it all off he had no keys for it! That was the first of many calls to John! He said he would look for them the next day and overnight them to me, Didn’t happen. I called back several days finally keys arrived,They didn’t fit. Called again, He said he would pay for a locksmith, so I called one and they came out but couldn’t re-key the lock so the guy didn’t charge me. When the camper arrived I told John about all the stuff that wasn’t fixed as promised, I told him ok I’ll live with the sliding doors and the broken cabinet door but I need the toilet seat he said no problem he would order it and mail it to me, Never happened even though I called back about it several times. Then I tried to use my hot water but there was none. Guess what? Another thing that John said worked fine didn’t! I called once again, Told him no hot water John. He said they would make arrangements with a repair company here to come out and fix it and send them the payment. The guy came out and fixed it(it was a dirt-dauber nest) and it worked fine after that. A few days later had a rainstorm, John promised no leaks. Guess what?It leaked where the antenna crank is. So once again the guy came out upon Johns request even though he still hadn’t been paid from the first time he came out. He thought like I did (Camping World) big name company wouldn’t try to cheat you.His mistake( he must have called me 20 times wanting his money) He finally gave up just as I did. Now when it rains I have a leak in the same spot and can’t make him come back out and fix it when he was never paid to begin with.Then to top it all off my breakers pop all the time I have to have someone come and check my house every hour just to make sure they haven’t pooped off and I’ve had to buy a new end for the camper plug in since it melted from the breakers popping so much.I finally had to use food money to buy a new lock for my door. I am still a poor person and this is my one and only home. I just can’t believe that I’ve been treated this way.Also John was not the only one I spoke to about this I also talked to his manager and he also told me at least the keys would be taken care of.

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