Camping World of Raleigh, NC

Camping World of Raleigh, NC

Camping World of Raleigh, NC Inflated Estimates for Generator Installation – Complete Ripoff Attempt! Garner, North Carolina!!. Recently bought 2006 Roadtrek 190 camper van from Camping World of Woodstock, Georgia. As part of the purchase deal, the GM of dealership agreed in writing to have a 2.8 Onan Generator installed for $3500 “out the door”. Deal was that I was to drive it home to Raleigh and have the CW dealership there order the generator and do the installation. Made appointment with Raleigh CW to have someone measure for the generator installation. Upon arrival, the employee from the parts department walked around the RV and continued to say that he did not know where to put the generator. I repeatedly told him that I knew (from Roadtrek) that the unit was to fit under the vehicle. Employee told me he would call the CW dealership in Georgia to make sure they would cover any cost above the $3500 I paid the Raleigh/Garner dealership. After paying them the $3,500, the employee told me he would order the generator and then call me back the next day about when to bring the vehicle in for installation. He never called all the next week. When I finally got hold of the CW GM in Raleigh/Garner six days later, he said I had to come back out with the Roadtrek and let his “tech person” inspect the vehicle. I did this and later returned to go over their findings with their head technician. I was told that the generator I wanted was no longer being produced and that I also needed a heat shield. They also told me I had to pay an additional $2,600. I reminded them again about the deal I had made with the CW dealership in Georgia — that “they” would install the generator for $3500 — “out the door”. They said they would contact the Georgia CW dealer and call me back Monday. They did not call Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday, I returned to the Raleigh/Garner dealership and demanded my $3500 back. I also informed them that both Roadtrek and the North Carolina Onan distributors confirmed that the 2.8 Onan generator was available for installation. I also found out from them that Onan would do the entire job for less than $3000. Furthermore, I found out (from Roadtrek) that “all” Roadtreks come pre-installed with a heat shield — or they could not sell them (strict codes). Finally, on the itemized estimate for the installation of the generator (by CW of Raleigh/Garner), I found that they had tried to charge me twice for the installation of the generator (about $1000 instead of $500). I also found out they had tried to bill me $400 for a 2 year warranty (when Onan already gives a full 3 year warranty with the generator). I was also told that the dealers from Georgia CW never returned the emails sent from Raleigh/ Garner CW. All told, Camping World Raleigh/Garner wanted $6,100 for the generator and its installation — which I found out was more than double of what the OnanNorth Carolina distributor would do it for. Got my money back, but I WILL double check with my bank in 1-2 days! In short, the entire outfit (Camping World) is the most unprofessional rip-off dealership I have ever dealt with in my life. An amazing experience!

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