Camping World of Winter Garden, FL

Camping World of Winter Garden, FL

Camping World CAMPING WORLD IN WINTER GARDEN CAN’T BE TRUSTED Winter Garden Florida!!. CAMPING WORLD IN WINTER GARDEN CAN NOT BE TRUSTED… Traveling from Jacksonville, FL, I bought a Forest River Grey Wolf 23MK from the Winter Garden Camping World on Sat., 10/14 because my local Camping World dealer in St. Augustine did not have the model in stock that we were looking for. The initial sales experience with Harold Strom was great, but everything from that point forward has been a disaster and reflects blatant dishonesty and genuine deceit on the part of their delivery/prep and service department. A few small maintenance/repair items were identified and addressed through the “walk-thru” process before we took possession of the trailer. However, upon first having the trailer a few days at our home, we discovered a major leak in the front bedroom ceiling, which has obviously been there prior to us taking ownership as the wallpaper is already staining in that area. Also, on our first trip using the trailer, we discovered that the hot water heater would not ignite due to the ignition module being “fried”. Other issues were identified with leaking hoses connecting to the hot water tank/heater as well as a severely out of square door frame that left a 1/2 inch gap between the screen door frame and the door jamb allowing all sorts of critters in the unit. I do respect that these are manufacturer defects, which I can not realistically hold Camping World accountable for. However, what I discovered next rest fully on the Camping World staff in Winter Garden. Upon delivering the trailer to my local Camping World in St. Augustine to address the warranty issues, I was asked by the service advisor if we had resolved the lengthy list (over 10 items) of maintenance issues that were currently opened on a warranty ticket. I advised that we had just purchased the trailer a week prior & were not aware that any warranty items were opened. To this the advisor realized that it was the Winter Garden CW dealer that had opened the warranty ticket (in August 2017). I took the list of warranty repairs and assessed the trailer only to find a number of other issues that were not fixed. Damage to the refrigerator door, tail lights that were not sealed properly among other things. This is where my first issue with CW in Winter Gardne rests; the fact that there were a large number of repair issues open under warranty & they did not disclose or acknowledge them to me as a customer, but rather, allowed me to purchase and take possession of a unit which had known issues that were unresolved. In attempt to help resolve the unaddressed warranty repairs, my local service advisor emailed the Winter Garden dealer to have the warranty items transferred to the St. Augustine dealer to be completed. It was at this point that the Winter Garden dealer “closed” the warranty ticket in the CW Service database and noted all items as having been completed and have not responded to the St. Augustine dealers request, nor have they returned my multiple phone calls to the Winter Garden Service Manager (Jason). There is clear dishonesty apparent in the warranty repair records where CW Winter Garden records show a new refrig door panel being delivered to their dealership on 10/16. They noted the refrig door as being repaired, which is physically impossible because when they didn’t get the part until 10/16, yet I bought & took possession of the unit on 10/14. Additionally, they claim the tail lights were sealed, when they clearly were not. I am trusting that my local St. Augustine dealer is working to resolve the issue, but this issue is still unresolved at this time. Buyer be warned, CAMPING WORLD IN WINTER GARDEN CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.

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