Camping World, Valencia

Camping World, Valencia

Camping World, Valencia Sold us an IHABITABLE RV and are refusing to help us or correct the problem. Santa Clarita, California!!. Original Listing Price 16,999 Internet Price 13,999 We went and looked at the rv on thursday, were told it was in ‘working order’ except a few minor things and it needed a roof. there was never conversation about ALL of these things that are wrong, in fact were told that everything was working and it would still be put through service. Our offer to camping world was for 10,000 cash was based upon the fact it only needed a new roof and CW was gonna ship it bakersfield. by no means did our offer reflect any kind of ‘half working rv” with a series of issues, nor was any dysfunctional items disclosed to us before or during purchasing the rv. If we had known the electrical was not 100%, we would have never made an offer on this vehicle. INHABITABLE RV – major electrical issues – plumbing issues – both mixed together are a recipe for a disaster List of whats going on with 2002 Keystone Montana In order of Discovery… Lifts in Front are not working correctly.. discovered at the dealer during hook up. – one is completely rusted with discoloring, and other is shiny brand new out of the box. – Camping World must have fixed something.. the shiny one? – we had problems at the cw dealer and everyone with a blue shirt on pointed to our truck being the problem. in hindsight, all blue shirts were wrong. our tow brake line on our truck works correctly. we’ve had it tested with Sal at Accurate trailer before we went on our job with the excel downtown for 5 days. he checked it out it was “fine”. we can call him if you’d like? Electrical – GFI and FAN are connected and glitchy – when you press the switch on the wall for the fan, the GFI breaker pops – outlet in bath area doesn’t hold the reset of GFI and it doesn’t work. – kitchen GFI’s are not working correctly – outlets for fridge don’t work – rear interior lights don’t work – a fuse is missing in the fuse panel Plumbing – we have no running water – shower handles are no good. they leak and one busted – it leaked down thru the back of shower and into compartment below. – kitchen faucet is broken – toilet is leaking on floor and running into carpet Brakes – we hitched up today, fathers day, to bring it to camping world for service and the brakes are locked – the tow brake line on the montana does not work correctly once plugged into our truck (our other rv works perfectly, we have pictures and video to prove it.) – this is where Bo, accused my wife of “ruining the vehicle in the few days of owning it” we were not disclosed that any of these items were “broken” or “not working condition”. In fact, we were told the rv will go through service and we probably didn’t need a warranty since everything would be in working condition when we picked it up in three days. (maria said this to us, so my wife believed her.) since purchasing this and trying to deal with CW, we were told by Norm, “since you only paid 10,000 for it, you didn’t not get the “full service” treatment, If you would have paid the asking price of 13,999 you would have gotten the “real service” and things would have been fixed.”. from Bo to Rachel “you have ruined that vehicle in the few days you have owned it” (we have proof we were on a job from Sunday to Friday, and just started living out of it. with in hours of being in it and hooked up, things went south quickly. from Bo to Rachel “we don’t have to show you the safety inspection report”. (because it probably doesn’t exist??) I am absolutely dumbfounded that we have had this type of experience with Camping World. The team there is rude and this completely out of line by talking to my wife with accusations before testing any vehicle. No one ruined anything in three days, you sold us an inhabitable rv. I believe everyone at camping world knew the degree of problems and thats why they accepted out offer. “As is” condition is one thing when you disclose all the items wrong, but you said the stuff works, now it doesn’t and we have to call you on it. You have me signing “as is” under the circumstances of being told this vehicle was in full working order. Where are the disclosure documents telling me I am buying an unsafe rv with electrical and water issues – mixing for a disaster? no one in their right mind would keep this rv. and thats exactly where we are at. we want out, you get your “perfectly working” montana keystones back and we get our check. Sincerely,

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