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Campus Scooters

Campus Scooters owner: Gram I gave them a brand new engine in the box $349.00 and in trade to repair my crank bearing on my Vento and after 7 weeks lots of excuses and never fixing it they told me to F*** OFF!! Lansing Michigan!!. I live in Michigan City Indiana. I bought a brand new engine in the box on Ebay for $349.00 and when I got the engine it didn’t fit my scooter. instead of trying to send it back and waiting weeks to get a refund I thought I would find a company that was willing to trade me a engine that would fit my bike for the new one I had. I found this place in Lansing Michigan called Campus Scooter and called to talk to the owner but what I got was the Manager or so he claimed. Actually he was the owner and I didn’t find that out until recently or 3 1/2 months later. I told him that I had a new engine in the box and is he willing to trade for a engine that would fit into my Vento and he said yes I would be willing to trade you but I only have a rebuilt on that would definitely fit your bike. I mailed the engine to him and in 4 days later I got the one he was talking about. It was the same kind of engine that I sent him but a very used one and full of grease. I called him right away and suggested instead on him repairing my original motor because the one you sent me will not fit in my bike, now mind you I sent him photos on the type of bike I had and everything. So now I sent the engine he sent me plus my original engine by Fedex. I am now ito all the shipping $66.00 because it cost $22.00 to ship a 50lb engine. He told me on the phone that his mechanic takes 2 to 3 hours to repair this problem and it should only be a couple of days. Three weeks later I finally get my engine back and to my suprise my variator is shattered. They put it back in the box with absolutely no padding so right away I called him on the phone to tell him what was wrong and he tells me this. Oh well you should of put the cover on the transmission so don’t blame us blame Fedex. They refused to pay for the busted variator and it cost me $67.00 It took about a week for the variator to arrive and I assembled the bike to my suprise it was not fixed. It was making the same clunking noise that it made before this even began. I called him back and had to leave a message with the motor running and making the clunking noise. Grahm the “owner” did not call me back for 4 days after that. I told him ” This is a headache please just reimburse me for the engine and the shipping” he absolutly refused to do that. So he said if I wanted this fixed now I would need to bring the bike and the engine both to his shop. I told him I could not do that because we only have a car so it would be 2 or 3 weekds until I could do that. He said okay and he would then order the parts he needed so he could fix the bike the same day I came there. So I ended up renting a cargo van and which costs over $70.00 for the day plus $70.00 in gas. When I arrived he told me he might now have the parts to fix the bike. So the 2 -1/2 weeks notice I gave him did not even help the situation, he did not order anything to repair the bike or the correct tools. He then said he would keep it for 2 weeks and then he would meet me in Kalamazoo Michigan when it was done so that the drive would not be as long for me. I waited the 2 weeks and then called him and suprising he is on vacation and he is also moving his shop. So when I finally did get ahold of his shop, I had to call a local business next store so that they would have him call me. His mechanic said he was on vacation and not to bother the business next store also that the bike had not even been worked on yet. So I waited for another call from them. When I finally got ahold of Grahm again he said he never said he was going to meet me on Tuesday and that Friday would be 2 weeks any way. So now he said he would just use the new engine I traded him and put that in my bike. Another week went by and I called because they never seemed to want to update me on any thing, and he said he needed to work on getting that stater off, he is not going to use the new engine and he was going to freeze the flywheel so that they could get it off. Another week went by I had my girlfriend call for me and he said that he could not buy dry ice and that he needs more time to find some. He was also waiting on parts to complete this repair. My girlfriend called 2 days later got there answering machine and left a message to please update us so we can make plans to pick it up the next week. He finally called me which by the way now is 8 weeks total to tell me he needs to cut my fly wheel but he expected me now to pay for that. It is the only way to get to the stater, even though the new engine has a stater. He said he needed the old stater to run the new engine in my bike. I said absolutly not, I am not paying for anything this was our agreement. I gave you a $350.00 engine and all you needed to do was fix 1 crank bearing in my engine. The crank baring costs $10.00 and so he said he no longer will fix my bike, that I can come there and pick it up and the new engine that now I can not return. Please do not go here for anything, I have now heard nothing but bad about his shop, his mechanic and his business. Please learn from my experience STAY AWAY FROM HERE. I now am going to court to sue him for all he has put me through. He will reimburse me for all he has put me through and I honestly belive they never had any intention on fixing it to begin with. I guess they thought I would just either go away or end up paying them to get this done.

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