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I am from Brazil where I received a clinical psychologist license in 1998 (Brazilian Psychology Board). I understand the importance of cultural sensitivity in establishing trust and comfort to achieve a successful treatment. Besides fluent English, I speak Spanish and Portuguese. My professional training and education, allows me to combine a psychoanalytical vision with cognitive-behavioral interventions in a sensitive and non judgmental style. I utilize sense of humor to guide clients through insights; I am very dynamic and make use of analogies to help clients visualize their problems in a more concrete and manageable way.My goal is to assist clients find the appropriate tools to manage presenting crisis; more importantly to guide my clients in comprehending how and why their conflicts originated so that they can become their own experts in identifying possible triggers and the best coping skills to deal with life challenges.I specialize in adolescents and adults dealing with life crisis, eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, substance abuse, depression and anxiety disorders, trauma, phobias, marital and relationship problems (including GLBT issues).I believe in the uniqueness of individuals and therefore in the flexibility of empathic techniques.

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