Capital GMC Buick

Capital GMC Buick

Capital GMC Buick Undisclosed Unsafe and Worthless Yukon Smyrna Georgia!!. ` I purchased a 2017 GMC Yukon from Capital GMC Buick in 2015. At the time of purchase they asked that I get the vehicle checked out by third party. This was odd to me since the dealership has a service center. This raised a flag with me so, I asked if there was anything that I should know about the vehicle since they were asking me to do this. They responded by saying “No, the vehicle was supposed to be going to the auction the following week, and this was normal.” I took the Yukon to Midas. There the fluids, brakes, and tires were checked. I attempted to trade in my 2017 Yukon at Steve Rayman Chevrolet recently. It was there I found out that my Yukon was u201cunsafe.u201d Steve Rayman was unable to take my 2017 Yukon as a trade in because before I purchased the Yukon it had been in a severe accident and the airbags were deployed. Making the vehicle unsafe. They were baffled that I was able to even get the vehicle financed given the circumstances of the vehicle. They couldnu2019t even make a low ball offer at all on the 2017 Yukon. They considered the vehicle worthless and unsafe. They advised me that I should be concerned with the vehicleu2019s safety. Capital Buick GMC knowingly sold me this unsafe Yukon, and did not disclose this information to me when I specifically asked if there was anything I should know. Therefore, they did not give me a chance to get the vehicle properly checked out. I was misled. Had I of known the Yukonu2019s airbags were deployed I would of gotten the vehicle safety checked out including airbags. I was not disclosed any of this information, so only basic maintenance was checked out, not the safety of the vehicle. I also wouldnu2019t of purchased the Yukon. I am a mother of a six month old boy and a ten year old boy, so safety is my main concern. After discovering that my vehicle was worthless, I contacted GM Financial to find out how the vehicle was even finance to me. I spoke with a Supervisor named Hannah after telling her what happened she advised me that it was negligence on their part she also stated that, u201cIf we knew the vehicleu2019s history before financing it, they probably wouldnu2019t finance most of the vehicles that they do.u201d I found this shocking since even private financial institutes check out the vehicleu2019s history before approving financing.

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