CAR COLLECTION SALES & LEASING, INC CINA, CAMERON MALEKI, SAM Con Man on Cars Sales and Business Deals California!!. Pleaee do not I repeat please do not handle any type of business with this man he is selfesh, dishonest, piece of crap loser, lier, scam artist, crooked con man & felon, and a fraud swindler. First do not put cash or any type of credit card in his possession for he will use for his lively hood, pretty good for an individual that don’t work or pay taxes. Second he will try to act like he is helping you when infact he is robbing you of your cash and crdeit cards. Third if you really want to know about this individual just search for him

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brenda warne

Car Shop Leicester Ltd Justin L John leicester Leicestershire United Kingdom!!. Another victim of Justin L John @ car shop leicester abbey

brake max

Brake Max…What a Rip Off ! tucson Az!!. We took our 1993 Chrysler Town & Country van in to Brake Max for an estimate ( the

Bartolini Finance

Bartolini Finance Dba CNAC akasBartolini Finance Corporation aka Edward Bartolini Company has filed a Writ of Garnishment and Summons on

John M (713-370-9332)

This company called several times back to back then left a nasty voicemail. He stated that I had a payday loan I didn’t pay back.

123 Auto Rental

123 Auto Rental Double Billing and refusing to credit for their mistakes, rude and condasending employees miami, Florida!!. I reserved and

I purchase a class online and never recieved a login username nor password. It says give it 10 mins, but i waited the next day to check my