Car Computer Exchange

Car Computer Exchange

Car Computer Exchange Refurbished My ECM Did not fix it refuse to respond about Lifetime Warranty Cary North Carolina!!. Had Trouble codes on my 2005 jeep grand cherokee 4.7l O2 heater codes P0031 P0037 P0051 P0057, Test pointed me to replace the ECM, Purchased refurbished ECM from their web site, they contacted me promptly. Informed me that they did not have my ECM in stock but they could have me send mine in and they would repiar, and test it, Flash it with current software. I sent this in around October of 2018. They returned the ECM quickly. Put the ECM in my jeep, and a less than a week later the same O2 heater codes came back, and was intermitten to get them to go away, I could only clear these codes after the vehicle cooled down, Then the codes would come back about every 8 to ten miles. perfomed some more diagnostics, and replaced the O2 sensors twice, using a different O2 sensor, then went back to the Denso O2 sensors that have been running fine since the purchase of this Jeep in 2017. Tried to contact them VIA E-Mail, 5 times, in regards to their hassel free lifetime warranty. I have called 2 times and left messages, and absolutetly no response from them. This cost me $289.00, and they will not respond to the warranty. I decided to get an ECM from EBAY for $126.00 as I really needed to get this fixed, Purchased this in early Feb. Installed this ECM on 2/14/2019 and have not had the problem come back since the replacement with EBAY part. Their web site is a little false in that they claim they know what its like to do Buissness on the internet, as well as Knowing it is risky. They claim to be fair and honest, But do not stand by that statement, False in my opinion. They also boast about their 5 star rating, Thi is false as well, there are plenty of complaints, found these after realizing that they have no intention of warrantying my ECM that they did not fix. Not sure if I would send it back to them, as they couldnt fix it the first time. If I would have seen complaints from here, and Yelp, Better Buisness Beuro I would not have ordered from them……

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