Car Credit City

Car Credit City

Car Credit City I bought a car on 2010 Chrysler Sebring 4 door. Paid $1500 for deposit. Was told car is grat shape. After 3 months car started to fall to break. O ILLINOIS!!. I had done so much repair on this car that it depresses me. Recently had a major repair that cost me almost $4,000. I heared that Car Credit City been reimbursing buyers for their trouble. Unfortunately I didnt get anything from them. Please help me get justice from this. Over the years I have this car it cost me already almost $15,000. Please let me know what you can doI want to reimburse of all the expenses and stress while having this car. What they say about car runs goo and everythings good is not. And when I go to their office or called about my car problems they refer me to Firestone in Fairview Heights which charged me a lot too. Please help me get justice from them. Thank you.

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