Car & Credit LLC

Car & Credit LLC

Car & Credit LLC Complete Liars DO NOT BUY HERE!!!! Bay City Michigan!!. My husband and I decided to purchase a second car to help build our credit so that we could purchase a home this year. We were completely up front with the manager at the Bay City, MI location and the salesman about what our plans were. Both the sales manager and the salesman told us that this was an excellent way to build credit and that they report to the three major credit bureaus every month. They assured me that this was the easiest and fastest way to build our credit score and we believed them. So, we went ahead and picked out a vehicle and were pretty happy at first. The problems started from that point and continue to this day. We were promised that they would contact us as soon as our license plate arrived for the new vehicle which was a lie. The most horrible part of this situation is that we went there every week to make a payment and asked about the plate and they said they didn’t have it yet. Fast forward to the point that our temporary license plate was expired for two weeks with still no plate at the dealership and I am calling them every other day irritated that my license plate isn’t here. I also left multiple messages with the salesman, manager, and the lady that accepts the payments. They never bothered to call back (real professional!). Finally the license plate is there and the payment lady lets it slip that it was there the whole time but the salesman misplaced it. Then the first month we check our credit score and there is nothing there. I called and they stated that they just reported the payments to the credit bureaus (note that they used the plural form of bureau). So, we check again and it is only listed on Transunion as a loan but no 30/60/90 day payments listed. Today I contacted the dealership and the lady finally mentions that they only report to Transunion and not the other two agencies. After 3 months of calling these people they finally tell me now that they only report to one agency after both the salesman and manager stated that they report to all three! These people are complete and total liars and cannot be trusted at all. The whole purpose of buying this second car was to build my credit and its done nothing for me but put me in debt. I normally only buy my vehicles cash so I don’t have payments and here I am saddled with a payment for nothing. My credit score hasn’t changed and now I will not be able to buy a house anytime soon because they lied to us. I want to be clear that I understand that this wasn’t going to be a huge game changer on my credit score in three months. That wasn’t the plan from the begining. I just needed something revolving that would build my score (which only needed to go up a few points to get a loan) in the future. The big problem is being lied to by the dealership. I also liked that the manager stated that they have been in business for 28 years and that means they don’t lie to their customers and all the salesmen know that they only report to Transunion. When I also mentioned that they close their dealership without notice and with no real understandable reason. He stated that they post it on the doors the week before a holiday that they will be closed. When I mentioned that they day before July 4th is not a holiday he became angry and stated that he can choose to close it whenever he wanted to. He also said that he wasn’t going to pay people to contact his customers to let them know they were closing outside of normal holidays which sounds like great customer service once again.

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