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I bought a vehicle from the said location. This was my second chance at a nice vehicle and building my credit. Since I have purchased the vehicle, the said company has harassed me if I’m 12-24 hours late on my payment. They bug you daily, call your references and employer to get money for the car payment. I straight out told the company never to call my work or references as that was not the reason for producing that information. The company denied mr direct demand not to call my reference and employer demanding money. I explained I will make payment by the next business day because my bank was not open. They still called every two hours demanding money. A year later I went to get an independent inspection- it failed horribly. The problems according to the Mechanic has been prolonged for more than a year meaning the dealership passed the inspection although it should have failed a safety inspection. The dealership offered to make the repairs at 50% my costs. The company passed my inspection although it should not have passed. This is the worst place to do business.

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