Car Depot Miramar

Car Depot Miramar

Car Depot Miramar Kennya Quezada y/o Miami Auto Max, Inc Car Depot Miramar Scammer Center Dealer Car Miramar Florida!!. The day September 4, 2018 visit Car Depot Miramar for car purchase, specifically a Chrysler Town Country 2008 white vin: 2A8HR54P08R124776 was selling for $ 10,500.00, leave a deposit of $ 650.00 to reserve it, pending a payment of $ 350.00 to complete the down payment of $ 1,000.00 I told the saleswoman that I only had $ 1,000.00 to buy this vehicle. When I returned the 14th of September to complete the down payment of $ 1,000.00 the saleswoman informed me that another seller had sold the vehicle, which dislike me because I had done quite a deposit to reserve this vehicle. I contacted the financier Frank who offer me excuses the inconvenience, he offered me a Chrysler Town Country 2018 by $14,500.00 but w’ll have to pay a down payment of $ 2,000.00, caused me upset because I had been very clear that only had with $ 1,000.00 for the down payment. they broke a verbal contract with my lay away, he offer me pay the other $1,000 in one month and explain me that I had 10 day extra after each end payment day for complete the down payment.We Sign the contract I leave in the Chrysler Town Country.The 15 of september frank informed me that the company need $ 500.00 more of Down payment because the company was lossing money in this sale.I asking myself how is your professional work after sign a contract you told me that you need more money, at this moments the dealer owner offer to me a Dodge Grand Caravan by $12,500.00 make sure me that this is the final contract, I asking her are you sure because I have 3 days here and never keep your promises. I take this final offer of Dodge Grand Caravan, the day 10 octuber I pay $ 425.00 of the amount of down payment, the 14 octuber I visit Car Depot Miramar asking for my plate and employee Ligia say me that it’s not possible because I need Complete the down payment I remember her that down payment not past due, she answer me that she is following instruction of the owner. I remember her that I buy this vehicle to make Uber Driver if I can Drive I can pay. I surrendered the vehicle the 2 december, never renew my Plate, From 14 of october I never work because the plate was expired and uber not accept expired plate, now I want my down payment back because this dealer used all stunts and bad faith to take my money . This not a professional dealer, always try to take your money of the down payment, is a center scammer.

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