Car Hop and UAC! Rip-off and Liars

Car Hop and UAC! Rip-off and Liars

Car Hop and UAC! Rip-off and Liars Warranty is something they don’t honor!! Fort Worth Texas!!. I bought a 1999 Ford Taurus in 2017 from the location on Fort Worth, Texas:.Within the first month the transmission started slipping..I called the mechanic shop since it was promised a 2 year warranty on the transmission, engine and drive-train:. They told me to get the transmission fluid changed out first:. So I did! All that did was make the matters worse?.So, I called them again and I was told someone would get back to me’. I made several calls and of course I was told someone would call me back?. NOBODY EVER DID! It continued to give me problems and I knew eventually it would go out on me..I couldn’t afford to get the problem fixed out of my own pocket and shouldn’t have had too when they promised the warranty! It even was stated inside the dealership! 5 months of having the dang car, it stopped running all together!!! I picked up the phone called and told them to pick it up off the highway!I was done with it! They wouldn’t honor their warranty one bit and I feel they took advantage of a single mother who was needing a car to get to point A to point B! They first reported it on my credit it was a repo but then I fought that and they changed it to a charge off of $5,600 on my credit!!!! I shouldn’t have to pay that money when the company didn’t even honor their word!I was never late on payment or anything!But now I am a victim of not only them ripping me off but my credit is all jacked up!Such liars and thieves!

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